Stefan Sobering

An experienced software developer from Manitoba, Canada


Frontend: Expert level JavaScript with extensive experience in large SPAs. I love ES2016. Expert level HTML and CSS skills. Experience with many frontend view libraries (React, Mithril.js, Angular, jQuery) and CSS post/pre-processors (PostCSS, SASS). I take architecting the frontend very seriously and keep up with new design patterns and best practices. No cowboy coding here.

Backend: My backend experience primarily involved JavaScript (Node), Ruby, PHP and a little bit of Golang. Experience with multiple databases such as MySQL, Postgres, Mongo and Redis (for caching).

Tools & Workflow: Git for version control, Atom and Vim to write code, MacOS and Linux operating systems, and Docker for both local development and production deployment. I also have experience working on remote teams.

Professional Experience

Koble (Bold Commerce "Labs" project)

Frontend Developer / Aug 2015 — Present

Worked to build an entirely new platform from the ground up, architecting and maintaining multiple SPAs.

  • Implemented a custom SPA with a heavy focus on the mobile experience, using Mithril.js.
  • Built a custom administration SPA for managing fleets of WiFi access points, allowing customers to manage their Koble WiFi experience (the SPA mentioned above).

Bold Commerce

Full Stack Developer / Jul 2014 — Present

Developed and maintained both the frontend, and backend of some of the largest apps on the Shopify app store.

  • Added new features, fixed bugs, and maintained some of the largest Shopify apps.

  • Created one of the first applications for Shopify's POS system.

Golden West Broadcasting

Full Stack Developer / Sep 2011 — Jul 2014

Developed new applications and APIs and maintained legacy applications in a high traffic environment.

  • Designed, developed and deployed a custom weather API, utilized by on-air staff on over 40 radio stations across Canada, as well as online on over 20 community web portals.
  • Helped develop a custom HR application as part of a small, remote team. This allowed employees to more efficiently request vacation/sick days and view their performance reviews. It improved the workflow of managers as well, by allowing them to perform employee reviews, salary increases, or submitting budgets to their superiors for approval.
  • Developed several custom applications using Ruby on Rails, for marketing and promotional events.

Awesome Co.

Frontend Developer / Dec 2010 — Sep 2011

Lead frontend development alongside a team of graphic designers to bring their work to life.

  • Implemented custom websites from designer mockups.
  • Performed small, custom software development tasks, primarily using PHP.

Golden West Broadcasting

Graphic Designer / Nov 2009 — Dec 2010

Initially hired as a graphic designer, my interest and love for code pivoted my position into a frontend role.

  • Designed custom advertising banners for radio and online clients.
  • Built a custom frontend for a large radio-focused application, which allowed radio listeners to enter contests, collect points, and use those points to buy concert tickets and other rewards.
  • Implemented custom HTML/CSS promotional pages from designer mockups.


University of Manitoba

Computer Science / Sep 2012 — Jun 2014

Steinbach Regional Secondary School

Academic Major / Sep 2006 — Jun 2009


You can contact me via email at

References available upon request.